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Linear and projectile motion, Newton's law of motion, Circular motion and rotational mechanics, Oscillatory motion, Gravitation, Energy and momentum, Heat transfer and change of phase, Heat and thermodynamics, Electricity, Magnetism, Vibration and waves, Light, Nuclear Physics, High School Physics, examples with step by step solutions May 31, 2012 · Q20: Convert 1 Newton into dyne using method of dimensions. Answer: Dimensions of Force = [M 1 L 1 T-2] Considering dimensional unit conversion formula i.e. n 1 [M 1 a L 1 b T 1 c] = n 2 [M 2 a L 2 b T 2 c] ⇒ a = 1, b = 1 and c = -2 In SI system, M 1 = 1kg, L 1 = 1m and T 1 = 1s In cgs system, M 2 = 1g, L 2 = 1cm and T 2 = 1s Putting the ...

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